Whales at Rincon

Surf along the Santa Barbara and Ventura coastlines this past week have been the stuff that dreams are mode of! While the coast is peppered with iconic surf spots, some would say one of the best, Rincon,  happens to sit within perfect viewing range of the Bates Ranch House. 

The owners who manage all the landscape and maintenance on he three acre estate, were taking a break from Bates Ranch house yard work and noticed the thunderous surf and hundreds of surfers below the great lawn.  As surfers made long ride after long ride, a whale breached about a half mile offshore and made a wide splash.  The next 20 minutes were spent on the chairs on the front porch with coffee and admiration of the sight as whale after whale breached and splashed as the pod made its way toward Santa Barbara.

Fun Fact! When the original parcel was purchased in 1882 through a Spanish Land Grant, the Bates Ranch included one half of Rincon Point.

And did you know! Steve Bissell’s famed Queen of the Coast was photographed from the Bates Ranch House. When Robert W. Bates learned of Steve trespassing, he asked Steve to come see him. Being understandably nervous, Steve was relieved when he realized Mr. Bates only wanted a copy of his photo, and to give him ranch avocados in return. 

Sitting on the expansive front lawn is the perfect place to view Rincon’s surf as it breaks. Reserve the Bates Ranch House for the Rincon Classic next year to have your own private place to view the surf competitions or whales breaching!