An Artist’s Point of View

“I was fortunate enough to stay at The Bates House Ranch for the Fourth of July last summer. I am an artist and I get super excited when I see natural beauty all around me. I was so thrilled to walk around the property and was inspired by the many possibilities for paintings. The Bates Ranch House sits on a hill with an expansive front lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean. That’s where I started to paint. I spent part of the day with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of cabernet in the other. My soul was happy! The colors of the sapphire cloudless sky, the indigo glistening ocean and layers of palm frons on the mature Palm trees were breathtaking.   How could I possibly capture such beauty?  I did my best and enjoyed the process. When Brenda Bryant saw it, she fell in love with my creation and bought it right then and there!

My next inspiration came from The Bates Ranch house side door landscape. I loved the welcome feeling of the ranch house and that doorway just spoke to me. It reminded me of my childhood.  Something about the sound of the wooden screen door-closing shut. You know that subtle creaking sound and the soft slam. It was so casual and charming. The door’s rustic blue the color reminded me of family trips to the coast and flooded me with memories of being at the beach. There was a gorgeous rose bush draping over the doorway just asking to be painted. So I did!  Was so nice to be able to set up my paints and not have to rush. I sold this painting to the owner of the house Robbie Bate, she is very supportive of artists.

My last paining was of the little baby boy fountain behind the house.  This little guy was such a find. He surprised me as I was exploring the back yard garden. The mature eucalyptus trees enthralled me, as I just love eucalyptus trees. They smell amazing. Then I bumped into the baby fountain. I thought he was so sweet and the light was hitting him just right. So we sat together for hours while I painted him. The Bates Ranch House is so relaxing, beautiful and inspiring, and a great place to paint! ”

If you are interested in owning a print of the Baby Boy fountain please contact Lori Powers at